So when I met Shawn I asked to jump into his arms and he was super down for it. So I jumped and before I jumped into his arms he goes “Jump jump jump!” And it was super cute. Okay so. Then when we caught me he accidentally elbowed the wall and I hit my knee because of the location. It was literally the corner next to an elevator I kid you not. He lost his balance a little and had fan gifts under him (muffins, cards, muffins, necklaces, muffins, etc) so he somehow managed to walk around the muffins and safely out me down with one arm. TO THIS DAY I STILL QUESTION HOW HE MOVED AROUND THE MUFFINS WITHOUT LOOKING. But then he put me down and he felt so bad about my knee and kept asking and at some point he touched me knee and was like all better! And it was so cute akfjanfnan. I asked for another pose and he was super down for it and asked the guy and he straight up turned us both down and Shawn felt so bad but I mean I wasn’t gonna make a big scene over that. So I got him to sign my posted and I accidentally took his sharpie but I have it back lol. Then he was like “I’m sorry about the pose, but can I get one last hug?” And I was like uhhhhh heck yeah you can. So he hugged me and he goes “I love you” and I told him in his ear “I love you more thank you” and idk if I was crying or not but man it was emotional so finally have met 12/12 and one of my sunshines. This was pretty much the short version I have a longer one on YouTube aha. But Shawn if you see this know I love you and miss you so so much and I’m so proud of you💖 musiic-is-lifee